Engagement Procedures for Community Performances

Advance performance ensembles are available for engagement for community performances in accordance with Detroit Public Schools Outside Engagement Procedures. Organizations may contact the Office of Fine Arts for additional information.

Outside Engagement Procedures

  1. The outside agency or school administrator will contact the music teacher to request a performance by a music ensemble on a specific date at a specific time and location.  The outside agency must agree to pay all costs for transporting the ensemble and equipment to and from the engagement.  Vendors/Transportation companies that transport Detroit Public Schools students MUST be approved by DPS. The outside agency is also expected to provide refreshments and/or a light meal when appropriate.  Honorariums are appreciated.
  2. If the terms and conditions of the performance are satisfactory to the music director and the principal, the outside agency is instructed by the music director to submit a Letter of Request on the agency’s official stationery to the vocal or instrumental music teacher, a copy to the school principal and a copy to the Office of Fine Arts. The address for the Office of Fine Arts is 7430 Second Avenue, 3rd floor, Albert Kahn Building, Detroit, Michigan 48202-2717.  All Letters of Request should be mailed or faxed two weeks prior to the performance  date if local, and three weeks prior if out of the metro-Detroit area.  Directors must follow DPS field trip guidelines for all trips.
  3. Upon receipt of the request, the music supervisor will approve or deny the request and forward a copy of the approval/denial to the music teacher and the outside agency.  It is suggested that the music director send a confirmation letter to the outside agency.
  4. The music teacher must secure a signature on the Letter of Request from a representative of the outside agency on the day of the performance, confirming that the music ensemble did actually perform.
  5. Letters of Request that are received in the Office of Fine Arts less than five (5) days prior to the performance may not be approved.

“The purpose of arts education is not to produce more artists, although that is a by-product. The real purpose of arts education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful lives in a free society.”

Critical Evidence – How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement
Provided by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies