Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Diagnostic Center (EIDC)

The Early Intervention Diagnostic Center (EIDC) is a special education home and center based program which is family centered. Early identification of infants and toddlers (birth-3-years old) with special needs increases the likelihood of reducing developmental delays in this particular population of children. Developmental delays are often noticed by parents when children do not speak, play, or move as expected. These delays may be genetic, auditory, visual, or due to prenatal difficulties. The EIDC staff also works with children with an established physical or mental condition.

The Early Intervention staff will work with families to enhance the child’s development in the areas of language, cognition, fine/gross motor skills, social/emotional functioning, self-help, hearing, and vision. The staff will also help families connect to community services and resources as needed.

The EIDC provides evaluative services and direct intervention to your child and family. They also facilitate parent support and group meetings, and provide professional consultations.

The Early Intervention Diagnostic Center provides these services at no cost to families.

For more information about the Early Intervention Diagnostic Center
Please call: (313) 494-2240/494-0961