Early Intervention Diagnostic Center

About the Center

The Early Intervention Diagnostic Center (EIDC) provides family-centered early intervention services for infants and toddlers with developmental delays and supports the following beliefs:

  • That the parent is the child’s first teacher
  • That the family is the enduring and central force in the life of a child
  • That each family is unique and individual differences must be respected
  • That families and professionals working together promote the well being of children
  • That all children can learn


What We Provide

  • Increased public awareness of early intervention and special education services provided by the school district and community agencies.
  • Identification, location and evaluation of children with suspected developmental delays that are in need of early intervention and/or special education services.
  • Increased staff awareness of discipline-specific diagnostic, educational, and therapeutic techniques.
  • Information to families by offering instructional techniques, support services, and resources that will facilitate active participation and empowering partnership in the educational process.
  • Assistance to increase communication and collaboration efforts with staff, schools, and agencies to ensure the seamless delivery of family-centered early intervention services for families.
  • Implementation and monitoring of program compliance with state and federal laws that regulates the delivery of quality special education early intervention services.