GEE Edmonson Academy

Nestled in the heart of the Woodbridge Community, GEE Edmonson Academy offers a rigorous curriculum that includes two hours of English/Language instruction and 55 minutes of mathematics instruction daily.
They offer individualized instruction based on each child’s need, progress and goals. In-school tutoring and enrichment opportunities are offered, and they have strong partnerships with institutions in the Woodbridge community. They offer Parent University courses, Points for Parents and online access to students’ academic progress.

Grades: K–8
Curriculum focus: 
College Prep
Address: 1300 W. Canfield Street, Detroit, MI 48201
Neighborhood: Woodbridge
Located near: John C. Lodge Freeway and W. Forest Avenue
Phone: (313) 228-0910
Fax: (313) 447-2533
Principal: Domini Nailer
Email Address:
Management Company:  Global Educational Excellence
Year first authorized: 2011

Board Members for 2017-18

Name Office
Evette Napier President
W. Barnett Jones Vice President
John Young Secretary
Hon. Archie Brown Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Yvette Griffin Member

Documents and Resources
 2017-18 Board Meeting Calendar to come
Edmonson Charter
Edmonson Educational Goals
Edmonson 2015-16 Annual Report
Edmonson 2016-17 Annual Report



1300 W. Canfield Street, Detroit, MI 48201

1300 W. Canfield Street, Detroit, MI 48201