Hamilton Academy

Hamilton Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and student-friendly environment that promotes learning and achievement. They utilize a staff of Highly Qualified and caring teachers to bring instruction home to our children based on the three R’s of education: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. The curriculum is aligned to the state core curriculum and standards as well as national standards. The teachers use several research-based and strategies to improve academic performance, including differentiated instruction, cross-curricular instruction, response to intervention strategies and an emphasis on the core standards.

Grades: K–8
Curriculum focus: College Prep
Address: 14223 Southampton Street, Detroit, MI 48213
Located near: Chandler Park Drive and Chalmers
Phone: (313) 866-4505
Fax: (313) 866-4493
Principal: Dr. Pamela Bilbrew
Email Address: pbilbrew@hamiltonacademy.us
Website: http://www.hamiltonacademy.us
Management Company: Educational Partnerships, Inc.
Year first authorized: 2011


Board Members for 2017-18

Name Office
Arthur Burt President/Secretary
Chaora Berry Vice President
Regina Ann Campbell Treasurer
vacant tbd
vacant tbd


Documents and Resources
2017-18 Board Meeting Calendar
Hamilton Charter
Hamilton Educational Goals
Hamilton 2015-16 Annual Report
Hamilton 2016-17 Annual Report



14223 Southampton Street, Detroit, MI 48213

14223 Southampton Street, Detroit, MI 48213