GEE White Academy

GEE White Academy has an academic program geared toward success in improving the academic performance of students who have historically not met academic standards, including a sound curricular program combined with a cohesive educational approach, instructional strategies, and assessment plan. The academic program aligns with the mission to promote lifelong learning by nurturing academic excellence, positive character, and appreciation of cultures.

Grades: K–8
Curriculum Focus:  
College Prep
5161 Charles Street, Detroit, MI 48212
Located near: Conant and E. Davison
Phone: (313) 866-3595
Fax: (313) 866-3476
Principal: Thomas Talmadge
Email Address: >
Management Company:  Global Educational Excellence
Year first authorized: 2011

Board Members for 2017-18

Name Office
Jacqueline Lindsey President
Alicia Merkerson Vice President/Secretary
Antonio Hitchcock Treasurer
Matiur Kahn Member
Sam Noor Member

Documents and Resources
2017-18 Board Meeting Calendar
White Charter 
White Educational Goals
White 2015-16 Annual Report
White 2016-17 Annual Report


5161 Charles Street, Detroit, MI 48212

5161 Charles Street, Detroit, MI 48212