Division of Finance

Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) is focused on creating a culture of excellence that permeates our system of schools. To do that, we are creating and maintaining an organization that totally accepts its responsibility for making DPSCD a top-rated school district. That begins with the budget, which is fiscally sound, balanced and focused on driving resources where they are most impactful—to our classrooms and our students.

About our finances

The FY 2017 Detroit Public Schools Proposed Budget contains Summaries of Expenditures including an overview of uses of monies for personnel, purchased services, supplies and materials, capital equipment, utilities, debt services, and transfers and other expenditures.

It also includes Summaries of Revenues and Fund Appropriations including the General Purpose Fund, Adult Education Fund, State and Federal Grant Funds, Special Education Program Funds, Consolidated Funds, Food Service Fund and Capital Funds.

This budget is based on 41,626 General Education students and 3,885 Special Education students representing a total membership for State Aid funding purposes of 45,511 and is based on total revenues and other sources of $646.6 million.