Seal of Detroit Public Schools Community District Office of Inspector GeneralThe Office of Inspector General is an independent oversight function within the Detroit schools system whose primary purpose is to conduct investigations and forensic audits to improve District operations while ensuring transparency, accountability, and integrity among employees, contractors and vendors doing business with the school district.



The primary mission of the Office of Inspector General is to promote integrity, economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the operations of the Detroit Public Schools Community District by conducting meaningful and accurate investigations, forensic audits, and program reviews; to prevent, detect and deter fraud, waste, and abuse.


The Inspector General and OIG staff work with the following core values in mind:

  1. PROFESSIONALISM: OIG staff strive to conduct themselves in a professional manner and shall strive to be honest, objective and work to maintain a high level of credibility with the DPSCD leadership, the Board, employees, students and the general public. We shall make ourselves accessible, approachable and reliable.
  2. TIMELY & ACCURATE: The OIG shall focus on delivery of significant, timely, and useful information for District stakeholders and the general public. We shall strive to make our reports accurate, clear, convincing, objective, fair and constructive.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS: OIG staff shall maintain working relationships with other DPSCD staff, departments and schools. In the course of performing their duties, OIG staff shall treat each other and others outside of the department with consideration, dignity, and respect. Furthermore, the OIG shall maintain active partnerships and liaisons with external law enforcement organizations that provide assistance in performance of our mission.
  4. DEDICATION & HARD WORK: OIG staff shall endeavor to make efficient use of their time through planning, organization, and hard work. We shall always strive to remain focused and dedicated to our mission; and in so doing, strive to improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities of fraud investigation and auditing through training, continuing education and networking with peers in similar industries.
  5. VALUE ADDED: The OIG will continue to aggressively pursue ongoing investigations and new allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse; as well as identify areas of vulnerability and potential asset and monetary loss to the District. Those found responsible for wrongdoing will be held accountable for their actions; and in so doing, DPSCD will earn back the public’s trust in our school system.

To learn more about some of the OIG’s work, review the Annual Reports below.

Investigations / Forensic Audits

Investigations / Forensic audits are conducted based on allegations of waste, fraud, abuse, financial mismanagement and conflicts of interest. Complaints may be filed by anyone, via the OIG’s confidential fraud hotline and email; involving the areas of Theft, Payroll Fraud, Contractor Fraud, Vendor Fraud, Ethics Violations, Mismanagement, Unauthorized Employment, Abuse, Waste and Misappropriation of District assets. As result of OIG investigations, District employees found to have engaged in wrongdoing have been referred for internal discipline and/or prosecution.


Annual Reports

News & Updates

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