Office of Real Estate

The Real Estate Department handles the purchasing, leasing, and property management functions for properties both owned and rented by the district. The district has been leasing and selling property since 2005 and currently has over 100 properties on the market, listed below. Since March 2009, Detroit Public Schools has generated more than $12 Million from the sale of vacant school properties and annual lease revenue.

Our mission

Detroit Public Schools Community District is committed to ensuring a high-quality school for every student—a school where all students meet or exceed grade-level expectations and graduate from high school prepared for college, career, and life. We are accountable for using existing resources more effectively to support excellence in the classroom and progress toward academic goals.

As part of our program to effectively manage resources, we manage all of our closed buildings to minimize cost and maximize revenues.

Tammy Deane
Director of Real Estate
(313) 515-6991



Please consider these RFPs that can be found at the location below for the sale of properties:

Offer submissions

Email all requests to Tammy Deane. Please review the lists below, and attach all documents relevant to your request to the email.