DPS Technology Infusion Q&A

What will the technology infusion include?

40,000 ASUS Netbook laptop computers
5,000 for teachers
35,000 for students
4,789 HP desktop computers – one for every classroom
4,291 multi-purpose printer/scanners
4,550 document cameras
533 HP desktop computers delivered for use in early childhood education programs
273 SMART Boards purchased for School Improvement Grant schools through Title I funds obtained by Wayne RESA

What is a netbook?
Netbooks are small, lightweight and low-cost laptop computers. They have smaller screens and less computing power than regular laptops.

What is a SMART Board?
SMART Boards are touch-sensitive display screens that can replace traditional white boards. They typically come with digital pens and can be used in conjunction with document cameras to project scanned images or textbook pages.

What is a document camera?
Document cameras are devices that can capture images in real time for display on large screens. They operate like overhead projectors, but are also able to magnify and project three-dimensional objects, in addition to transparencies or textbook pages.

What is the time frame for implementation?
The first phase of the netbook program, which entails 21,600 computers, is under way. Teachers have already received their desktop and laptop computers. They have also been trained in the use of the laptops. Student laptops will start to be delivered to school buildings in late February, pending approval of school security and curriculum plans.

How will this be funded?
Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), as part of the federal economic stimulus package

How will they be used to improve education?
The leadership of each school has designed implementation plans for incorporating the computers into lesson plans.
Among the possible uses are:
Accessing online or down-loading digital textbooks
Accessing the district’s online teaching and learning tools such as Learning Village, Renaissance Learning and Carnegie Learning
Accessing online tutoring from Destination
Typing papers, doing homework and taking tests
Using the Internet for research and class assignments
Exploring or applying to colleges and universities
Creating PowerPoint presentations for classroom projects

What software and hardware will be included?
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system
Symantec Protection Suite (virus protection)
Built-in Wi-Fi wireless networking
Integrated speakers, microphone and webcam

What else is included?
Warranties against accidental damage
Onsite support for three years
Professional development for staff
Carrying cases for teachers
Charging/Storage carts for classrooms, with 10-year warranties
Security features

Will they be able to access the Internet?

Does that mean students will be able to freely surf the Web?
No. The computers will be connected to the district’s server, which blocks content the district deems inappropriate.

Will students be allowed to take them home?
No. In the interest of safety, all computers will be securely stored at school.

Laptop thefts are rampant. How will you prevent these from being stolen?
Each computer will be equipped with safety features designed to deter theft, as well as recover stolen property.

Among the safety features are the Detroit Public Schools logo prominently etched on the front, making every unit instantly recognizable as school property. Each school will have a new security system, complete with cameras that will be remotely monitored from DPS Police Department’s state-of-the-art headquarters. All laptops will be equipped with Absolute’s Computrace technology.

What is Computrace?
Commonly known as Lo-Jack for Laptops, this technology can help the DPS Office of Inspector General and the DPS Police Department to track down computers if they are stolen. Netbooks, laptops and computers can also be remotely erased and/or disabled, which renders the stolen hardware useless.

How will the laptops be stored?
Each school is designing its own, unique security plan for storing the laptops.

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