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More than 47,000 students turn to Detroit Public Schools Community District, a school system made up of innovative schools that builds upon the foundation of DPS, to receive a quality education in a safe environment.

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Top Honors Schools

Mark Twain Mark Twain School for Scholars

Mark Twain School for Scholars

The new Detroit Public Schools Community District has three honors schools: Ludington Magnet Middle and Honors Academy, Mark Twain School for Scholars and Clippert Multicultural Honors Academy. Each is known for a rigorous curricula, project-based learning environments and rich extracurricular offerings.

Ludington prides itself on preparing students for success in higher education. “Ludington infuses career, social, academic and physical awareness through special classes, field trips, projectbased learning, and service projects to enhance our student as a total scholar,” says Principal Allan Cosma Sr.

Mark Twain School for Scholars integrates International Baccalaureate principles into student learning. This fall, Mark Twain will offer an Accelerated Scholars Advanced Program (A.S.A.P.). Students in kindergarten and first grade will cover material at a rate one and a half times that of students in more traditional “The goal is to meet the needs of students who demonstrate advanced skill in reading and math,” says Principal Mumtaz Haque.

Clippert Multicultural Honors Academy regularly makes the lists of top schools in the city and even the state. The school touts an award-winning arts program, and many of the school’s art students enjoy seeing their masterpieces earn display on the walls of the esteemed Detroit Institute of Arts.

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Public Montessori Programs

The Montessori approach to education is a highly-regarded teaching and learning philosophy that emphasizes independence and respect for the whole child.

Detroit Public Montessori will reside inside six DPSCD schools:

The program will provide the structure and space for a student-centered, hands-on learning approach facilitated by Montessori-certified instructors.

One of the many hallmarks of the Montessori approach is a multi-age learning environment.

Families interested in enrolling their child in the Detroit Public Montessori will first need to take a tour at one of the program’s facilities and then complete an application.

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Edison Elementary School

Maybury Elementary School

Palmer Park Prep Academy

Spain Elementary-Middle School

student-centered, hands-on learning approach facilitated by Montessori-certified instructors
Female students working together to program a robot

DIA students

DIA’s 2016 grads earned $68,400 in college grants and scholarships, on average.
Douglass students pose in front of science and engineering fair poster

Douglass students

Single Gender Education

Research has shown single gender learning to be advantageous for all students involved, offering distraction-free learning. DPSCD is home to two single gender schools known for excellence in academics and programs.

Detroit International Academy (DIA) for Young Women is the only public, all girls PreK through grade 12 program in Michigan. The school, which has a strong focus on the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), offers extracurricular activities like robotics and debate. DIA's 2016 grads earned $68,400 in college grants and scholarships, on average.

Young men in Detroit have their own single gender learning option in Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men. Serving boys in grades six through 12, Douglass Academy is the only tuition-free all-boy college preparatory school in the state.

Douglass is widely known for its unique Lyricist Society, an afterschool program where students gain exposure to hip hop, digital storytelling, video editing, creative writing and spoken word performance.

“The Lyricist Society enables students who may not necessarily fit into more traditional music and artistic offerings, an outlet of self-expression,” explains Quan Neloms, the Douglass teacher who oversees the program.

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College Partners

College partnerships expose DPSCD students to postsecondary education opportunities.

Beginning in sixth grade, students at Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy are eligible to apply for participation in the Blue Devils Scholars Program. A partnership agreement between DPS and Lawrence Technological University (LTU), the program exposes DPS students to LTU campus life and STEM learning opportunities.

These Sampson-Webber middle schoolers who eventually continue on to Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding on STEM topics and even earn college credit before graduation. Students who remain a part of the program through high school may be eligible for some of the more than $3.5 million in scholarship money LTU has set aside specifically for the program’s graduates.

Lisa Kujawa, LTU’s assistant provost for enrollment, says the program helps students identify their passions and future career focus.

The school's 2016 grads amassed nearly $2.8 million in scholarships and grants.

Communication and Media Arts High School (CMA) offers a small, safe, yet competitive environment that provides its students with a sense of achievement. CMA has a history of success in which 95 percent of all CMA graduates go on to be enrolled in college or trade schools. The school offers dual enrollment for college credit. The school’s 2016 grads amassed nearly $2.5 million in scholarships and grants.

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Photo of a smiling student sitting at a desk

Awesome Arts Schools

One of jazz music’s most loved artists is Duke Ellington: pianist, composer and jazz bandleader. His legacy lives on in the DPSCD school that bears his name. Duke Ellington Conservatory of Music and Art at Beckham is a PreK-8 school with a truly unique curriculum that weaves fine and performing arts into many aspects of the learning environment.

This by-application-only school requires its elementary and middle school students to audition as a condition of admission. Upon acceptance, students will have the opportunity to pursue jazz, band, choir, dance or glee club. On the fine arts front, they can study journalism and photography and participate in essay and oratorical contests. “We have a stellar, well-rounded academic program to ensure our students make a productive scholastic and artistic contribution to the world,” says Principal Rita Davis.

Many Duke Ellington students make their way to another DPSCD magnet school: the Detroit School of Arts (DSA). This high school housed on the campus of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is also application- only. Its students pursue pre-professional study in vocal music, instrumental music, music technology, dance, theater, speech, radio and TV production, visual arts, or visual communications.

“DSA is a unique learning experience for students because we allow them to focus on their chosen art form almost as if they have selected a major in college,” says former Principal DeLois Cooke Spryszak. “All of our students are constantly working with industry professionals to hone their skills and become better artists.”

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Language Immersion

Myriad studies have shown that a child’s developing brain is hard wired to more easily learn and become proficient in a second language. Never again does that same window of opportunity re-open. The new Detroit Public Schools Community District is home to many schools that offer foreign language immersion to promote the growth of bilingual children.

At the Academy of the Americas, a PreK through grade 12 school spanning two campuses, students receive 90 percent of their instruction in Spanish and the remaining 10 percent in English. As they advance through the grades, they move toward a 50/50 language split. By grade eight, students who have progressed through the school are typically proficient in both languages.

The Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS) is another DPS shining star. FLICS is the only K-12 language program in Michigan offering four languages: French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. The partial immersion students receive in their language of choice during grades K through eight, seamlessly continues as they enter high school. The school recruits teachers from all over the world to teach language as well as cultural studies.

Yet another example of a DPS language school attracting students in the city is the Neinas Dual Language Learning Academy. Serving students in PreK through grade eight, Neinas offers dual language immersion to students in kindergarten and first grade.

And not to be outshone, the Dixon Educational Learning Academy offers its students in kindergarten through grade four Mandarin Chinese classes.

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Short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM is an umbrella term for important fields of study in which individuals create, build, compute and solve. While a strong STEM focus is an imperative within every DPSCD school, a few definitely stand out:

At Cooke S.T.E.M. Academy (CSA) of North Rosedale students can expect regular exposure to real-world learning applications on a daily basis. This PreK-6 school requires its students to pursue one hour each day of hands-on mathinfused science, technology or engineering projects including robotics or small engine exploration. “Reading or listening to someone will never compare to the actual implementation of STEM as I have witnessed through our students,” says Cooke Principal Damon Sewell.

John R. King STEAM Academy weaves an Arts focus into its STEM heavy curriculum. Beginning in kindergarten, J.R. King students enjoy vocal music courses. By middle school, they can participate in the Angelic Chorale, which has performed at the White House. Dance and drama courses are also available.

Another STEM standout is Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine, where thanks to partnerships with the DMC, the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Henry Ford Health System and Wayne County Community College, students gain regular exposure to science and medicine. This year's grads amassed nearly $5.2 million in scholarships and grants, averaging more than $61,000 per graduate.

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photo of students in a science class
$5.2 million in scholarships and grants

Technology-Focused Learning

Photo of student looking over a computer monitor

At the A.L. Holmes Academy of Blended Learning, students rotate among three stations throughout the school day. The first is the “teacher station” where students receive instruction on an aspect of the daily lesson based on their individual needs. The second station is the “technology station” where students interact with online content. This could include watching an instructional video or another activity to bring a particular lesson to life. The “independent/ collaborative station” is where students work individually or together in small groups.

“This station-rotation model of blended learning allows students’ academic needs to be addressed with real-time data for teachers,” explains Principal Tammy Mitchell.

Davis Aerospace Technical High School at Golightly Career and Tech Center is a truly unique learning environment and one ripe with technology exposure. The high school is the only program of its kind in Michigan where students learn aviation maintenance, how to fly Cessna aircrafts, and can earn their private pilot license before graduating. Given the nature of their aviation exposure, Davis Aero students are surrounded by technology and provided daily instruction in how to use it.

At the highly-regarded Cass Technical High School, students get immersed in a tech-focused education to prepare for careers in science or use the technology education they receive to develop analytical minds that serve them in any profession.

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A School for Every Child

Early Childhood

Detroit Public Schools Foundation for Early Learners provides a high quality early learning experience.

Among the first initiatives to be implemented from the district’s 2013-17 strategic plan, “Neighborhood-Centered, Quality Schools,” Detroit Public Schools has vastly increased preschool offerings for eligible students, expanded art and music offerings in all schools and created new parenting programs to increase parent engagement.

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Photo of pre-kindergarten students hugging each other

Adult Education

Photo of graduate

High School Completion

General Educational Development (GED)

Adult Basic Education/Pre-GED

English as a Second Language

Detroit Public Schools’ Adult Education programs are offered at 11 community sites and school, including two main Adult Education campuses, throughout Detroit.

Free classes are availabletion.

Bus tickets are available. DPS’ main Adult Education Centers are located in two newly renovated facilities which include a new Welcome Center, Student Lounge, Media Centers and more than 200 new desktop computer learning stations. There are also numerous community sites to serve all clients throughout the City.

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Application Schools

Detroit Public Schools has 22 schools that require an application for enrollment. DPS Application Schools range from a number of top-ranked schools by Excellent Schools Detroit to new programs such as the Mark Twain School for Scholars, a gifted and talented school in Southwest Detroit, to language immersion programs, such as those offered at Academy of the Americas and Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School. Other Application School options include high-achieving elementary schools to specialty programs such as Davis Aerospace Technical High School, where students can learn to fly while taking a rigorous college preparatory curriculum; Dr. Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine, which offers medical pathways; Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School, which has comprehensive partnerships with Johns Hopkins and other institutions; and Detroit School of Arts, the metro region’s premier performing arts and music high school.

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Highland Park Residents

All 8th grade students from Highland Park are encouraged to call Detroit Collegiate Preparatory Academy at Northwestern for enrollment.

Phone: (313) 899-7370

Detroit Collegiate Preparatory Academy at Northwestern Overview

Non-resident Enrollment