Access i-Ready from home

  1. Log into Clever
  2. Choose ‘Log in with Active Directory’
    Screenshot of Clever login options
  3. Enter student’s email address and then click ‘Next’
    How to determine a student’s email address
    Screenshot of Clever sign-in screen
  4. Enter student’s password and then click ‘Sign in’
    Screenshot of Clever password screen
  5. Click the i-Ready icon
    Screenshot of Clever Applications screen

Screenshot of iReady

  • Choose ‘Start Lesson’ to launch the next lesson.
  • View your progress by clicking the icon in the top-right corner.

How to locate a Student’s ID

The Student ID is located in the top-right corner of their report card. The student’s email address is their studentID@thedps.org. For example

Student ID Email Address
12345678 12345678@thedps.org


Sample of report card with arrow pointing at Student ID

Sample report card