Excellent Schools Detroit Top Schools

Special Designations Name / Address Lead Administrator Telephone
9 schools listed
ES   Bates Academy
19701 Wyoming
David Bailey
(313) 494-7000
ES   Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine
571 Mack Avenue
Sean Lively
(313) 494-1805
ES   Burton International Academy
2001 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Edwynn Bell, Jr
(313) 596-3800
ES   Communication and Media Arts High School
19501 Berg Rd
Tiffany D. Cox
(313) 866-9300
ES   Detroit School of Arts
123 Selden
Lisa Reynolds
(313) 494-6000
ES   Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School (FLICS)
6501 West Outer Drive
Zetia Hogan
(313) 651-2400
ES   Gardner Elementary School
6528 Mansfield Street
Shannon Cummings
(313) 581-4615
CS ES   Harms Elementary School
2400 Central Street
Claudia Martinez
(313) 849-3492
CS ES IS   Mark Twain School for Scholars
12800 Visger Street
Sheila Langford
(313) 386-5530

Special Designations

Community School
These schools offer an array of services to parents and children. Examples include homework assistance, child care, technology skills, parental and prenatal training, language and literacy development and more.
Excellent Schools Detroit Top School
One of our schools that made nonprofit Excellent Schools Detroit’s list of recommended schools in the city, based on test scores, site visits and student and teacher evaluations
Innovation School
Schools with expanded innovative programs, such as STEAM, public Montessori, dual language immersion, expanded Academy of Blended Learning, additional accelerated academic programs and smaller high school communities.
Montessori School
Montessori programming, according to the American Montessori Society, is a child-centered approach to learning that allows kids to follow their interests and learn through a combination of movement, collaboration and concentration