Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

This Career Cluster includes, but is not limited to studies in aeronautics, automotive, and electrical. Students with a solid background science, math, and technical skills have the opportunity to pursue a career in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics.


Location of Program Offerings

  • Breithaupt Career and Technical Center (BCTC)
  • Golightly Career and Technical Center (GCTC)
  • Randolph Career and Technical Center (RCTC)
  • Davis Aerospace Technical High School (Davis)


Program(s) of Study


Postsecondary Options


Upon graduation, students have the option of pursuing postsecondary education or entering the workforce in career areas such as: Aircraft Pilot, Automotive Service Technician, and Electrical Installers just to name a few.

Analysts predict an average increase of 7% for individuals employed with the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics industry within the next 10 years.


Career Options 2008 Statistics Projected 2018 Statistics Median Salary % Change
Aircraft Pilot/Flight Engineer 116,00 129,700 $111,680 12% Increase
Automotive Service Technician 763,700 799,600 $32,409 5% Increase
Electrical Installers 160,900 168,400 $44,716 5% Increase
Power Plant Operators 50,400 50,600 $58,470 0% Increase