Office of Ombudsman


To serve the community by addressing issues arising from acts of injustice, improper discrimination and abuse of power by district school authorities.

Goals and Objectives for 2016–17

  • To contribute towards the development of a customer service-culture characterized by fairness, dedication, commitment, openness, accountability and the promotion of the right to good district administration.
  • To recommend equitable redress for justified complaints, and by contributing towards the improvement of policies and procedures that are the source of injustice and hardship.

Essential Functions

  • Investigate and resolve grievances that individuals allege to have received from district departments and schools with justice in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Provide independent and impartial investigations initiated upon receipt of a written complaints that could not be resolved during the initial steps of the process.
  • Attempts to strike a fair balance between what the community expects from the school district and what the district can provide.
  • Utilize the customer service tool, that tracks concerns
  • Monitor the policies and procedures that the district has in place to receive, record and conduct the initial steps to resolve.
  • Conduct professional development and leadership training for Parents
  • Address and work to resolve Parent issues
  • Create and facilitate district Parent Involvement Plan