Office of Grant Compliance

Mission Statement

The Office of Grant Compliance ensures that grant funds other than Title 1/31A are applied to the intended purpose and spent according to statute, regulation and/or authorized agreement.

What We Do

Staff in the Office of Grant compliance assist in the successful implementation, continuation and closure of all special projects funded by grants. The District receives grants from federal, state and private sources. Compliance staff formally document the receipt and acceptance of grants and work with individual project managers to ensure that funds are spent and reported appropriately.

The District conducts approximately 55 special grant-funded projects each school year. The activities and services to students made possible by grants include: before and after school programs; class-size reduction; dual enrollment programs; and professional development for teachers and other staff; Grant funds also provide enhancements to bilingual education; math and science education; special education; career and technical education; food service, technology, school health, safety and security.


Gwendolyn Boston
Grant Compliance Administration
Phone: (313) 873-8713

Barbara Wells-McKeown
Grant Compliance Administration
Phone: (313) 870-3788