Office of Professional Development

The Office of Professional Development supports the Detroit Public Schools Community District Strategic Plan.


We educate and empower every student, in every community, every day, to build a stronger Detroit.


All students will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to thrive in our city, our nation, our world.

Core Values

Students First

Make decisions that are in the best interest of students. Use every resource strategically so that we can meet students’ individual needs.


Be relentless in your pursuit of greatness. Be bold and innovate. Learn from your mistakes. Hold yourself and others to high standards.


Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Be accountable.


Diversity is an asset that makes us stronger. Advocate for the needs of others. Ensure that all members of our community have access to the tools and resources they need to be successful.


Listen. Empathize. Respond. Own problems and help to solve them.


Embrace hard work and persevere in the face of challenges. Follow through on your commitments and strive to do your best, no matter what.


Outstanding Achievement

Dramatically improve the academic experience of all students to ensure they are college and career ready.

Transformative Culture

Transform our culture so that students, families, community members, and staff feel safe, respected, and connected.

Whole Child Commitment

Champion a whole child approach that unlocks students’ full potential.

Exceptional Talent

Build an excellent team of dedicated staff to serve our students.

Responsible Stewardship

Manage and deploy our resources responsibly, transparently, and equitably to support our students’ success.

Services Provided

  • State Continuing Education Clock Hour (SCECH) Applications & Monitoring
    • Non-Traditional SCECHs
      • School Committee
      • SIT Participation
      • Supervising a DPSCD assigned student teacher
  • Teacher Evaluation Support
  • Training Room Reservations – PD Center at DCP/Northwestern
  • Frontline Support
  • Workshop Registration Support
  • Online Danielson workshops
    • Online modules are available to support each component of the 2013 Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching for the four domains: Planning and Preparation; the Classroom Environment; Instruction; and Professional Responsibilities. The training is available on the Frontline platform and SCECHS are available for completion.

Workshop Registration Guidelines

  • All participants should pre-registered at least 48 hours prior to the offering.
  • You must arrive on time. Participants who arrive after the start time may not receive SCECHs.
  • All registrations must be done online at solutionwhere (
    • You will receive an email confirmation once you have registered—please bring the confirmation with you when you attend your registered workshop.
  • If you become aware that you are unable to attend, please unregister:
    • At the solutionwhere website (, or
    • Contact the Office of Professional Development at (313) 596-0702.
  • Please remember that the Professional Development Workshops are designed specifically for DPSCD employees.
    • Non-registered participants are not allowed to attend the sessions.
    • To create an effective adult learning environment, we ask that children not be brought to sessions.