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Children may not always do what you say, but they will most certainly do what you do. Somewhere along the way, someone set a good example for a group of Denby Technical and Preparatory High School students. A little over 2 months ago, the students began to coalesce. They shared a love for singing. But because of the cutbacks in funds and declining enrollment, Denby has been without a music department for over 3 years. There was no outlet for the students’ talents, so they decided to create a choir on their own. That required permission.

The students gathered their courage and went to their Principal’s office-the office of Ms. Beth Cole-not to ask for money to ‘start a program,’ or for someone to ‘organize a group for them.’ They skipped straight to the point and simply asked for permission to meet and sing. The students pointed out that the majority of them were already singers and involved in their Church choirs. Principal Cole made their day. Of course they could sing as a group at the school. All they needed was an adult to supervise.

Since it was close to Christmas, the group settled on Carols and songs of praise for their first projects. They already knew them-in 4-part harmony no less. Their first dress rehearsal was the final touch for their performance at the school assembly. When Principal Cole entered the auditorium on assembly morning, there stood 50 young people, on stage with an adult supervisor, piano accompanist, student drummer and a student choir director. Then the music began.

The students have since performed at a school staff gathering and because the ‘word is getting around,’ they have performances lined up for the next couple of months. They are truly a symbol of good values and character-a group of youngsters who knew their purpose and passion and made their dream a reality, showing all just what they’re made of.

They named themselves most appropriately, The Voices Of Hope.

For performance dates and information, call 313-866-7200 and ask for Darryl Clark or Sylvia Williams.

For information about DPS enrollment, call 313-873-7098 or visit our website at

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