Detroit, MI — The Detroit Public Schools District offers one of the best, comprehensive
career technical programs in southeast Michigan. Students can attend one of the four CTC
(Career Technical Center) schools, Crockett, Randolph, Golightly or Breithaupt, for one to
three years where they will study, and develop skills in a particular discipline. The learning
comes from focus and the focus comes from the students’ ability to see the skills that they are
learning being put to use.with positive results. With the workforce steadily shrinking
because of the economy, DPS academic leadership understands how important these schools
are for the future of young people.

The best way to learn about the CTCs is to visit them. Breithaupt, located at 9300 Hubbell,
is opening its doors to prospective students and the general public, to tour the school
during their Open House on March 31, from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. Visitors will be able to
learn about the three-year program in Cosmetology, and the two-year programs in
Technology and Trade & Industry. The school also offers a one year program – Teacher
Cadet for students who would like to become teachers. They are working on adding a
second one-year program in Manicuring, and in the fall youngsters who are interested in
surveillance and security technology will be able to sign up for the Geographical
Information Systems course. But the school is best known for its Culinary Arts
Department where students learn the job readiness skills of Hospitality and Food Service,
Meat Cutting and Retail and Commercial Baking.

Students spend about 2

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