Detroit, MI — On Thursday, April 16, before a single note is sung in the Fox Theatre
production of the Broadway hit, The Color Purple, there will be music. It will come from 29
students in the “Voices of Hope” choir from The Detroit Public Schools Denby High School,
performing on the lobby’s main staircase and entertaining the crowd of theatre goers. They will
sing from about 6:45 until 7:00 p.m. The entire performance will be sung acappella and will feature
selections that fit the period of the play. When they’ve finished, they’ll stay for the show.

The honor of being chosen to sing can be traced to a newspaper article about “The Voices” and their determination just to make music. A member of the Fox staff read the article and was inspired and impressed by the tenacity of the students. She tucked away the information-waiting for just the right opportunity to put it to use. It came along after The Color Purple performances were confirmed. She decided to invite the students to sing at the Fox before a performance.

The chance for “The Voices” to perform at the Fox is a good match. The story of the choir’s creation,
by the students, is similar to the story line of the main character of the play. The ‘Voices’ sought to
affirm and express who they really are, did what was needed to be done, and became who they were
meant to be-music makers, growing, improving and gaining respect.

For the students, it is a great experience which will give them added exposure. The chance to sing in
connection with a major stage production surely raises self esteem, and this exciting opportunity will give them a memory that will last a lifetime.

More and more people are hearing about the group. Since the students created “The Voices Of Hope,”
they have been in steady demand to perform at a variety of events in the Metro Detroit community
and are currently receiving requests to perform during the Labor Day Holiday.

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