Detroit Public Schools is ensuring that the educational needs of students affected by recent violence are being met.

DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert C. Bobb visited with the family at the hospital following an off-campus shooting after school at Denby High School on June 18 and on June 30. Robert C. Bobb visited with the families of five of the seven youth who were shot at a city bus stop one block from Cody 9th Grade Academy. The school principals, summer school leadership and regional superintendents have also been in contact with all of the families.

According to Bobb, “There is much work being undertaken and much more work to do in collaboration with the city, the school district and the community on the safety front, but we must not lose sight of the fact that we are first an educational institution and must work with these families to minimize the disruption to the valuable summer school time for these students. Frankly, this must go beyond the crisis team’s work, as valuable as it is, and must establish that classroom work is consistently being prepared, collected and delivered.”

Since the June 18 incident, classroom work has been provided by the teachers at Denby and is being delivered and picked up at the home by the school social worker who is assigned to visit. The student is expected to return to regular summer school at another site beginning this week.

Five of the seven students involved on June 30 have been released from the hospital. A total of five of the seven were enrolled in summer school at the time.

Teachers of these students have already prepared classroom work to be delivered to the homes of the students. A plan is in place to have four of the building teachers regularly visit with the families to assist the students with their assigned school work. The students are being classified the same as a homebound student.

At Cody 9th Grade Academy, the principal has been working with the parents of approximately 15 students who initially kept their children home. For those students, teachers provided classroom work so that they did not fall behind in their school work. This work was presented in three day clusters wherein parents picked the work up and returned the completed work in three days and picked up additional work if they still had fears about sending their young person back to Cody 9th Grade Academy. No transfers were requested and all parents are expected to return their young people by the end of this week.

Detroit Public Schools Chief Academic and Accountability Auditor Barbara Byrd-Bennett said “The Detroit Public School District is committed to ensuring that every student this district is privileged to serve is provided with the absolute safest learning environment possible. To this end, we will create all the necessary conditions required to maintain safety while students are in the school buildings and work diligently with families, the city and communities to keep students safe in their passage to and from school. When students don’t feel safe-we know they can’t learn and student learning is the sole mission of this school district”.

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