DPS launches new communications tools to reach parents, constituents

For Immediate Release
July 31, 2009

Contact: Steve Wasko at 313-873-4542; cell 313-212-5636; steven.wasko@detroitk12.org
Or Jennifer Mrozowski at 313-873-8401; cell: 313-401-9018; jennifer.mrozowski@detroitk12.org


Detroit Public Schools is embarking on an exciting new venture as we continue to make every effort to ensure that students, parents, teachers, staff, stakeholders and others are informed promptly of our efforts to create Centers of Excellence in every school in every neighborhood.

To that end, the district has created two new Twitter accounts, and school officials are encouraging citizens to log in and sign on to become followers of this news feed, which includes real-time information about our schools, as well as direct messages and thoughts from the desk of Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb.

The accounts are www.twitter.com/detroitk12 and www.twitter.com/RobertCBobb

Bobb has also created a personal Facebook page, and the district expects to soon unveil its own Facebook page, as well as pages for school sites.

“It is critically important that we communicate our information to our constituents in as many forms as possible,” Bobb said. “We have to seek avenues to talk to constituents directly.”

The district and Bobb join the ranks of Gov. Jennifer Granholm, President Barack Obama, State Superintendent Mike Flanagan and many other leaders who are broadcasting their messages through these sites. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become powerful tools, as evidenced by the remarkable grassroots communication effort used in President Barack Obama’s campaign. The communications enhancements will also include an overhaul to our Web site to become more user-friendly and include regular updates about our initiatives and developments in our schools.

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