Some DPS schools exceeding enrollment projections

September 8, 2009
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Detroit Public Schools’ Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb on Tuesday said he has received reports from principals that enrollment is exceeding projections at some schools.

“This is Detroit’s moment,” Bobb said at a press conference at Western International High School. “It is Detroit’s educational community’s moment. And, it is without question Detroit Public Schools’ Moment. And in this moment, and coming out from this time of crisis, we have done big things.”

Bobb spoke of a transformed DPS that includes new leadership, new staff members, restructured schools, high school redesigns, national school turnaround partners, public safety transformations, $148 million in academic stimulus funding, $34 million in summer construction work completed and a service-oriented and streamlined central office.

“It’s a great day in Detroit Public Schools and great things are happening in DPS!” he said. “It appears, at least anecdotally, that some great things are happening with enrollment as well. I want to stress that these are anecdotal stories, and the real numbers are not yet in, but based on reports I have received from principals over the last 72 hours, there are some extraordinary things happening with our enrollments.”

Bobb said the district will know more about district-wide enrollment as the week goes on, but he is encouraged by some preliminary examples:

– At Western and Mumford High School, enrollment surpassed projections by more than 200 students at each site.
– At Crockett High School, the 894 students enrolled exceeds projections by nearly 11 percent and includes 45 students who have enrolled from out of district or from charters.
– At Fisher, where some 900 students have enrolled, the numbers are 160 over projections.
– At Ann Arbor Trail, the school has run out of space for the K-8 students and also has a waiting list of 18 and counting for preschool. The district will install portable classrooms to respond to the enrollment increase.
– Based on over-the- counter enrollments for Cooley High School, the principal has noticed an increase in enrollment from out-of-district students, including students from Clintondale, Plymouth-Canton, Michigan Health Academy, Linden Mckinley in Ohio, Old Redford Academy, Hamtramck, Academy of Oak Park, Cherry Hill, Taylor, Flint Northwestern, Southfield, Crossroads, Detroit Service Learning Academy, University Prep, David Ellis Academy, River Rouge, and ABT Academy, among others.
– Thomas Parker, principal of Osborn Prep, reports several families came in for transfers from the district and were encouraged to remain with DPS. The three children from one such family will now attend Osborn School of Small Schools. The mother loved the options available for 9th graders in a small school setting.
– At Cody’s small schools, the enrollment at each exceeds expectations.
– On Friday, Northwestern High School Principal Belinda Raines enrolled a Nigerian student who was attending school in Switzerland but will now attend school at Northwestern, as well as several students returning from private schools or charters.
– At J.R. King, the school has enrolled 130 new students to the building over the counter during the past 2 weeks. The school has an additional 25 students for Kindergarten and will open a new classroom. Their projection is 1,080, if all students remain at the site.

To assist parents, Bobb said the district will maintain a hotline during this first week of school–313-240-4DPS-to address questions and concerns.

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