DPS to start demolition on vacant schools

Contact: Steven Wasko at 313-873-4542 or Jennifer Mrozowski at 313-873-8401

Demolition will soon begin on 14 vacant Detroit Public Schools sites.

Robert C. Bobb, Detroit Public Schools’ Emergency Financial Manager, has authorized and directed the demolition of the vacant schools, utilizing approximately $3.1 million from the 1994 Bond program, as well as approximately $30 million under the bond program approved by Detroit voters on Nov. 3, 2009.

“Vacant schools across Detroit have been blights on the community and safety hazards for far too long,” Bobb said. He made the announcement Monday in front of the former Sherrard School. “Thanks to the taxpayers of Detroit for supporting Proposal S, we can now move forward with substantially changing the landscape of the city and remove these long-standing eyesores.”

District officials will hold an informational meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 9. at 1 p.m. for local demolition contractors, environmental assessment and abatement contractors, materials salvage and recycling experts to provide information regarding the demolition sites and receive input from the contractor community regarding the best methods for responsibly salvaging and recycling materials, demolishing schools and clearing sites, establishing project schedules, code compliance and other matters.

The informational meeting on Wednesday will be at the Detroit Public Schools Support Services Complex building located at 1601 Farnsworth, Building C.

The District will issue a project schedule and procedures for submitting proposals shortly after the informational meeting.

The following sites will be demolished in the initial phase of the project:

1. Ferry, Dexter F. Elementary School, 2920 East Palmer, 51,200 sq. feet

2. Owen, John A. Elementary School (OLD), 3033 15th Street, 55,277 sq. feet

3. Newberry, John Elementary School, 4045 29th Street, 50,438 sq. feet

4. Woodward, Augusta B. Elementary School, 2900 Wreford, 38,256 sq. feet

5. Sherrard, Henry Gary Elementary/Middle School, 8300 Cameron, 99,081 sq. feet

6. Brietmeyer Elementary School (OLD FLICS), 8210 Cameron, 42,336 sq. feet

7. Detroit City High School (OLD), 3500 McGraw, 42,972 sq. feet

8. Sanders, Claire Mabel Elementary School, 8700 Byron, 56,299 sq. feet

9. Scripps, James Edmond Elementary, 2100 Hurlbut, 44,538 sq. feet

10. Angell, James Burrill Primary 8858 Petosky, 7,300 sq. feet

11. Cass Technical High School (OLD), 2421 Second Ave, 831,000 sq. feet

12. Finney High School (OLD), 17200 Southampton, 257,392 sq. feet

13. Chadsey High School, 5335 Martin St. 163,842 sq. feet

14. Munger Middle School, 5525 Martin St. 115,691 sq. feet

Additional demolition sites will be named at a later date.

The upcoming Request for Proposals will be posted on the public school construction page of the State of Michigan website (www.michigan.gov/buymichiganfirst), the Detroit Public Schools website (www.detroitk12.org), as well as DemandStar (www.demandstar.com).

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