Honor Roll students at The Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science & Technology at Osborn meet with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing

The Honor Roll students at The Collegiate Academy of Mathematics, Science & Technology (MST) at Osborn were honored by Detroit Mayor Dave Bing on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. The 54 honor roll students, all 9th & 10th graders, are all part of the small school redesign program at Osborn.

The students visited the Mayor’s Office in the City County Building and had an opportunity to be exposed first-hand to the workings of City Government as well as to enjoy a very candid conversation regarding topics such as the direction of the City of Detroit, the future of public education, the forecast of the job market for today’s high school student and how students can participate in changing the culture and condition of their community today.

They received inspirational words from several of the Mayor’s Executive staff including: Benny A. White, Executive Assistant to the Mayor, Karen Dumas, Chief Communications Officer, Carla Brown (Osborn High School Graduate), Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Terrance Wheeler, Assistant to the Mayor.

Principal Tanya Bowman and the MST Staff were ecstatic about this opportunity for their students.

“These students have worked extremely hard and have proven their external circumstances will not hinder their ability to academically perform in the classroom,” Bowman said.

Principal Bowman said she and her dynamic team of teachers, as well as several of the schools partners such as United Way and Neighborhood Services Organization (NSO), will assist this student leadership team to be on the forefront of preparing for 21st Century leadership; to become successful and productive citizens, to be instrumental in the change effort to reform public education for themselves and those following them, as well as for the City of Detroit. They will experience extensive training through the schools mentorship and internship programs, job shadowing opportunities as well as exposure to careers in their areas of interest.

“We are taking a proactive approach to encourage, motivate and prepare our students to become college graduates and to retain their residency in the City of Detroit after college graduation, in order to give back to their communities,” Bowman said.

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