Northwestern and Detroit College Prep High Schools move to transitional space to ensure smooth start to the new school year

Detroit Public Schools today is sending notice to affected parents that Northwestern High School and Detroit Collegiate Prep High School will temporarily relocate to the former Hutchins at McMichael School for the start of the 2011-12 school year. The relocation is expected to conclude and programs located to our home school during the Thanksgiving holiday break, November 24-27, 2011 to assure the return to the school will not disrupt academics.

The transition period will allow for the high school facility improvements to be fully completed prior to occupancy and full use of the building. As part of the district’s bond issue, the school is witnessing $10 million in renovations including fire alarms, security and technology throughout the building along with an introduction of two atriums into the interior academic commons surrounded by bright renovated classrooms and laboratories.

The Hutchins site is located at 6050 Linwood, approximately six blocks from the high school building that the two high school buildings share. A school bus shuttle will service students arriving by Detroit Department of Transportation (D-DOT) at the bus stop in front of Northwestern High School at the beginning and end of each school day.
The two schools’ leadership and Detroit Public Schools Facilities and Operations personnel have outlined a detailed plan that assures that all programs and services will continue for students and that the transition is both as transparent and convenient as possible. The temporary site will hold all teaching staff and academic programs, allow for uninterrupted food service, and will maintain the planned separate entry points and rooms for Northwestern and the new Detroit Collegiate Prep High School. Room modifications and furnishings where necessary have been approved by the school leadership and are underway at this time. The school was operated through the conclusion of summer school on July 29, two and one-half weeks ago, and thus is fully wired for technology and data and overall is in excellent physical shape.

For families who have not yet registered, registration is now available at the Hutchins site. Principals will provide specific updates through Blackboard phone messages as necessary.

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