DPS and Detroit Parent Network unveiled ‘Homework Area Makeover’ to winning local mom and four daughters

The Detroit Parent Network and DPS today unveiled a Homework Area Makeover to a lucky local mom as part of DPS’ initiative to increase Parent and Community Engagement and help parents be more actively involved in their children’s education.

The transformation included fresh, bright-colored paint, desks, Internet access, homework essentials, binders, lighting, calculators, cork board, a clock, globe, a reference set dictionaries, artwork, trash can, portable filing system, lap-desks, and more.

“This is beautiful,” said Regina Hollis, who won the makeover. “Now I can go tell them, ‘Go in your study room. This is great.”

As part of the initiative, the Detroit Parent Network also will be raffling off a homework makeover kit in each of DPS’ eight Parent Resource Centers during the month of November. The kits, valued at up to $500 each, will be paid for in part through a Kellogg Foundation grant and by the Detroit Parent Network.

The first winner, Ms. Hollis, has two children attending Marcus Garvey Academy and two children attending Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School. She had a section of her dining room transformed into a new Homework Corner.

“We want to model what an excellent homework area would like in a home on a very low budget as a way to encourage parents to help their children with their schoolwork and improve student achievement,” said Sharlonda Buckman, CEO of the Detroit Parent Network. DPS has a performance-based contract with the Detroit Parent Network to run the district’s Parent and Community Engagement initiatives. “We believe it’s important to make sure parents are educated, supported and that we model what excellence looks like in every aspect of education. Homework is a key part of that.”

“Our homework area makeover kits will give parents quick and easy ideas and ways for parents to spruce up their homes to create a dedicated homework space,” Buckman said.

Three different kits to be raffled in the 8 parent resource centers include:

“Stationary kit” for the family that has the space. The kit will include a small desk, school supplies and lighting.

“On-the-go kit” for the busy parent whose children are busy with sports or after-school activities. This kit would be offered in a bag and include a lap desk and school supplies.

“In-between kit” designed for a family to have stability even if the family is in between homes due to finances. This kit can be easily stored. It would come in a small suitcase and include school supplies and a fold-up table that is portable.

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