DPS is expanding citizens patrols which are part of a comprehensive multi-agency program credited with sharp reductions in incidents

Detroit Public Schools announced today that it is expanding citizens patrols which are credited as part of a comprehensive multi-agency program that have helped to spur a sharp reductions in incidents. DPS also reported that its cross jurisdictional effort, including Detroit Public Schools Police Department, Detroit Police Department, Michigan State Police and many new high tech monitoring systems, has resulted in a 25 percent decrease in police reports and a 65 percent increase in felony warrants obtained during the first seven weeks of the school year.

As part of the ongoing effort, Detroit Public Schools Police Chief Roderick Grimes issued a call for additional volunteers today. Schools are seeking volunteers for new eyes-on patrols at several large high schools and at other locations, including the neighborhood around Marcus Garvey Academy, where a student reported an assault while walking to school earlier this week. To volunteer, call (313) 748-6008.

Highly active men’s patrol groups have been watching routes and bus stops near Cody High School, where Brothers on Patrol has a presence, and Osborn High, where MADE Men have patrolled for the past two years. The M.A.N. Network also patrols around DPS schools, including Denby, Osborn, and Brenda Scott. The district also has a group of volunteers called the Parent and Community Academy, who wear yellow jackets and act as safety volunteers, monitoring youth traveling to and from school, in school hall ways and lunch rooms, and around the school.

Decreases were reported in the number of larcenies (down 50%), armed robbery (down 81%), unarmed robbery (down 14%), misdemeanor assaults (down 13%), felony assaults (down 66%), narcotics crimes (down 57%), disorderly conduct (down 33%), violation of school ordinance (tresspass/fights) (down 57%) and B&Es (down 13%) although the number of incidents to open school buildings decreased 40 percent. Increases were reported in the cases of seven allegations of sexual assaults and 21 crimes to vehicles.

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