DPS adds teachers as enrollment grows

Detroit Public Schools has updated data regarding class size issues that have arisen in recent weeks as additional students enroll. Overall enrollment has risen to exceed budgeted projections by almost 300 students, and the district responds to unexpected needs caused by teacher retirements and resignations.

“The good news is that children are still enrolling,” said Steven Wasko, Assistant Superintendent for Community Relations and Chief Communications Officer. “We also know that there are many classes that have as few as 15 or 17 students. For the remaining cases exceeding our limits, affecting 22 out of more than 4,000 classrooms, we are resolving the issues at this time.”

Specifically, the district’s academic leadership had been made aware of 89 requests for additional teachers from principals at 34 schools as of October 19. Forty-four of those teachers were deployed as of Wednesday.

The additional 45 teachers have been recalled, a process that allows the teacher up to 10 days to report based on the current union contract. Of those 45, 23 have already reported and the remaining 22 will return within that 10-day window. In those 22 classrooms spread across eight schools, the district has deployed substitutes in all cases.

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