USDA Officials Eat Lunch with Gompers Students, Discuss New School Meal Standards & Healthy Eating

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food & Nutrition Service Administrator Audrey Rowe paid a visit to Gompers Elementary-Middle School on April 2, 2012 to discuss new School Meal Standards & Healthy Eating.

Rowe enjoyed lunch with kindergartners and second graders, and talked to students about the importance of healthy eating.

During her visit, Ms. Rowe spoke to staff members in the DPS Office of School Nutrition, saw the delivery of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program, sat in on a classroom presentation where students were taught how to check nutrition labels, and viewed the new school garden site.

DPS knows that healthy eating helps to create healthy minds. 

The Office of School Nutrition is committed to supporting the educational development of students by providing healthy breakfast and hot, nutritional lunches to all students in grades K-12 at no charge in an effort to ensure all children receive nutritional meals, regardless of income.

On-site preparation ensures that meals are served hot in compliance with Federal, State and local Health Department regulations. All menus adhere to the guidelines of the (USDA).

The DPS Food Services Program also includes Meatless Mondays and many healthy vegetables and fruits, including locally-grown items like apples, blueberries and acorn squash.

The Office of School Nutrition has also put fryers to rest and serves items like Glazed Chicken on a whole wheat bun, Turkey Tacos with tortilla pieces, Vegetarian Chili and more.

Through the Farm to School Program, the Office of School Nutrition collaborates with the local farming community. The program is currently offered at all DPS schools.

Each month local farmers are identified by the Office of School Nutrition to deliver fresh fruits and/or vegetables to each school in an effort to support Michigan based farmers as well as increase student exposure to fresh foods.

In addition to the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables, the program delivers additional benefits:

  • Educational opportunities in the cafeteria
  • Classroom visits by local farmers
  • School garden opportunities
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