Southeastern Wins $5,000 in Fifth Third Bank Dave Ramsey Jeopardy Competition

Students at Southeastern High School are celebrating a huge victory after winning $5,000 during the first annual Fifth Third Bank Dave Ramsey Jeopardy Competition held April 26, 2012 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago–Detroit Branch.

More than 100 students competed in the competition from Northwestern High School, Southeastern High School, Randolph Career and Technical Center, and Davis Aerospace High School.

The competition tested students on their knowledge of key concepts learned from the Dave Ramsey curriculum that has been presented in the classrooms of 11th and 12th graders at each school since January 9, 2012.

Loretta Humphrey-Cruz of the Community Development Department with Fifth Third Bank coordinated the program. Cruz, a Detroit Public Schools alumna, said she plans to make the competition an annual event.

“This competition culminates a 12-week financial literacy program taught in the classrooms where Fifth Third Bank provided educational materials for the Dave Ramsey Foundation’s Financial Peace Program to each school,” Cruz said. “We’re excited about this program and the impact it will have on the students. Not only do we try to make it fun for them, we want to provide concepts that they can utilize for a lifetime.”

Key concepts include strategies on how to pay off debt, building wealth, saving for college, negotiating tips, paying taxes, credit scores and more.

“We are very, very excited,” said Felicia Jones, the business education teacher at Southeastern High School who trained students for the competition. “We’ve been utilizing this curriculum in the classroom consistently, and they worked very hard preparing for today. I’m really proud of my students and their ability to experience success from hard work.”

Jones said she and the students created a study guide for the competition based on concepts they learned in the classroom. She also said the program is very effective because the students can relate to the material.

“Thanks to this competition, we were able to learn about taxes, how  to manage money and how to stay out of debt,” said Kiven Lewis, a senior at Davis Aerospace Technical High School. “I would like to thank Fifth Third Bank for this opportunity. We’ve learned so much about paying off bills, about the debt snowball, and that you don’t really need a credit card.”

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