Nearly 400 students graduate during DPS City-Wide Summer School Graduation Ceremony

Nearly 400 Detroit Public Schools students from 23 schools participated in the DPS City-Wide Summer Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at Western International High School.

Thanks to Extended Day Programs and the DPS Summer School Academy, these students were able to meet all requirements necessary for graduation.

Karen Ridgeway, Superintendent of Academics, delivered the opening remarks. Several students presented musical selections. The ceremony was sponsored by the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

Click here for the Commencement Program

About Summer Academy 2012
Detroit Public Schools’ six-week Summer School Academy served an estimated 18,000 students with strategic programs to raise academic achievement among low-performing students in conjunction with a more rigorous curriculum under the district’s five-year Academic Plan implemented in 2011.

This year’s Summer School Academy strategically targeted students who have demonstrated the most need and was mandatory for students in grades 3-8 who were not performing at grade level.

The academy also provided a Credit Recovery Program for high school students to remain on track for graduation.

New this year, the district utilized a fiscally responsible and more structured approach to provide the program at no cost only to students who were either low performing or non-proficient based on MEAP testing or other assessment scores.

For high school students, the Credit Recovery Program allowed students in grades 9-12 an opportunity to retake classes they did not pass to remain on track for graduation and post-secondary options.

Students who received a “D” passing grade were allowed to make up core academic courses, or retake physical education or personal health management courses for a fee of $250.

Student athletes who earned a “D” in a course that would make them ineligible for athletics could also retake the course for $250.

“Serving a specific, targeted population of students will allow teachers and administrators to improve academics among students who need the most help,” said Ridgeway of the academy. “These students received one-on-one attention in smaller classroom settings to master critical subject areas that they may struggle with. This strategy creates a more efficient Summer School program that builds on the district’s 2012 academic blueprint to provide data-based Individualized Learning Maps for all students, and to give students the necessary skills they need to become proficient in all subject areas.”

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