DPS Unveils Enhanced “Customer Service System Guarantee” and appoints Ombudsperson as part of district-wide Customer Service

Building on a commitment to enhance Customer Service in all aspects of the district as part of its five-year Strategic Plan, Detroit Public Schools has launched a new Customer Service System Guarantee to help parents, students, staff, alumni and the community find quick resolution to questions and concerns.

The process will work in conjunction with the District’s new Ombudsperson Carol Banks. Banks is a lifelong Detroiter, DPS graduate and former elected member of the Detroit Public School Board.

Dubbed the “Customer Service System Guarantee,” the process includes a 72-hour Resolution Guarantee when parents call the DPS Service Desk; and a new website – detroitk12.org/customerservice.

The enhanced Customer Service System will assist parents and other DPS customers in getting quick resolution for questions or concerns on Enrollment, Specialized Services (Special Education), Transportation, Pre-Kindergarten and more.

Customer Service System If a question or concern is not addressed at the school level, parents and others can call the DPS Service Desk at (313) 240-4377 to start the concern resolution process. A Customer Service Specialist will analyze and triage each issue and/or concern, maintain confidentiality of student information and, in some cases, the concern will be escalated to a principal, an assistant superintendent and/or the Ombudsperson.

“We want parents to know that we take all of their concerns seriously and are committed to finding an appropriate resolution as quickly as possible,” said DPS Emergency Manager Jack Martin. “Our new Ombudsperson and this new system formalize the resolution process and create an important level of accountability.”

The Customer Service System Guarantee is part of DPS’ renewed emphasis on Customer Service. The district in August launched its new Customer Service initiative by training all school-based clerical and administrative assistant staff members in two-hour sessions during a day-long Professional Development program.

Download the flier here!

The new initiative is expected to expand throughout the district and will include all Detroit Public Schools staff in all job classifications at schools and Central Office.

“Each of us must do everything within our power to ensure that our students and their families have the best possible experience every time they enter our schools,” said Martin. “As the front line in the delivery of customer service, the staff receiving this inaugural training hold some of the most critical roles in the future growth and long-term success of Detroit Public Schools.”

All staff members participating in the training also were asked to sign a new Detroit Public Schools Customer Service Pledge covering themes of Courtesy and Respect, Communication, Responsiveness, and Family-Friendly Environment. Individual Pledge bullets include:

  • Communicating from a positive perspective
  • Answering phone calls in a friendly and helpful manner
  • Ensuring that information is accurate and consistent, even if it requires a call back
  • Providing options for immediate assistance when a staff member is out of the office
  • Taking responsibility for helping address concerns/issues by directing to the appropriate person who can meet the customer’s  needs
  • Wearing identification badges at all times
  • Ensuring that our facilities are easy to navigate and that signage is visible, understandable, and positive
  • Updating all communications regularly

Detroit Public Schools’ Strategic Plan to create Neighborhood-Centered Quality Schools centers on serving the needs of the students and families by providing more Pre-Kindergarten, new Community Schools serving as hubs of their neighborhoods, more Arts and Music classes, a new Parent University, Career Academies, Better Customer Service, and Improved Safety on Routes to School.

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