Davison “Techno Dragons” highlighted in 2015 State of the State address

Davison Elementary-Middle School “Techno Dragons” were spotlighted in the 2015 State of the State Speech by Gov. Rick Snyder.

According to the Governor’s fact sheet: teacher LaDora Young, a Detroit native, has always had a desire to work with students and especially in the field of technology. She has worked over 10 years in the field of technology and is proficient in numerous applications, operations and designs. She has worked in the Detroit Public Schools since 1998 and became a member of Davison Elementary-Middle School in 2008. Young facilitates learning in the Computer Labs at Davison and creatively improves student achievement through technology. She is the founder and creator of the Techno Dragons – students who are well educated in technology and operate, produce, design, repair and implement all of the components of technology in the school. The students have become excellent students academically, they have exceptional communication skills, they have excellent customer service skills and are mentors – all while infusing technology with academics.

There currently are 22 Davison Techno Dragons, ranging from grades fifth to eighth. Under the direction of two educational technicians the students not only handle all of the technology within the school but also have expertise in customer service. They service equipment and ensure that all are feeling good about that service once it is rendered.

Some of the services the Techno Dragons perform include:
First line of tech support/customer service for the school
Setup of equipment for school events and programs
Video-taping of all school events and programs
Post production of videos, CD’s and the school yearbook
Prepare flyers and programs for events using graphic design and typing proficiency skills
Repair and install tech equipment
Teach kindergarten and first grade tech classes

The students have outstanding academic achievement and their GPAs range from 2.8-4.0. They are becoming prepared for the world of technology. The students have learned to incorporate their knowledge gained in technology to improve their classroom performance, citizenship, and their interpersonal skills. Some of their career aspirations include: computer software engineer, technology expert, surgeon, business woman, doctor, engineer, nurse, photographer, game designer and technology engineer.

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