School of the Week: Noble Elementary-Middle School

Home of the Noble Knights!

Stern, structured and straight to the point are just three ways to describe the culture at Noble Elementary-Middle School. Principal Angela Broaden believes it is never too early to instill professionalism in her young scholars.

Noble is a prekindergarten through eighth-grade school located in a beautiful and historic, yet modernized, building where all staff members are focused on providing not only a top-notch education, but also leading by example. Teachers aim to showcase the utmost professionalism to prepare their students for high school and beyond.

Broaden, a 20-year plus Detroit Public Schools veteran educator, became Noble’s leader just over three years ago. The tough-love principal, often referred to as a “master of reorganization and restructure,” brought along her successful strategies to help the school go from an enrollment number of 300 to now nearly 600 students.

“My teaching style is simply to leave all baggage at the door. Here at Noble, we do what we have to do to reach success and we are very confident in what we do,” Broaden explains.

Fifth-grader Taylor Sweeny proudly represents her school by being a Hospitality Leader. Hospitality Leaders are school ambassadors who showcase a high level of respect for teachers, exude positive behavior and maintain exceptional grades.

“My mom raised me to be just like her by getting good grades, respecting my teachers and having good behavior,” Sweeny proudly says.

Perrion Ridley, a fifth-grader and vocal music enthusiast, says that he loves how all of the teachers at Noble support the students and help each one of them understand, complete and advance throughout their coursework.

“Since my teachers respect me, I respect them in return,” Ridley says. “It is important to respect our teachers because they help and encourage us to do our best.”

Jason Posey, a third-grade homeroom teacher, explains to his students daily the importance of turning their homework in on time, coming to class prepared with pens, pencils, folders and/or everything else they need. He stresses these concepts because he knows when the students are in high school and then their adult careers, they are going to need this prepared mindset to succeed.

“I am a firm teacher and I enjoy teaching my students about responsibility,” explains Posey. “The students here at Noble are eager to learn, and we provide structure, responsibility and self-respect to prepare them for their futures.”

Posey also makes it a habit to dress and present himself professionally at all times in hopes that the students will subconsciously begin to pick up on his traits. Posey wants to show students how a professional male dresses and carries himself.

“I want my students to be able to act out what I am modeling for them in their futures,” Posey explains.

Aside from instilling students with the professionalism needed for their futures, he also incorporates technology into his daily lessons to engage students and allow them to become educated on topics they can relate to visually.

Stop, drop and read!

Instead of your typical bell to alert students that it is passing or dismissal time, Noble students enjoy fun catchy tunes that echo throughout the halls to inform them that it is time to read.

Noble is a second-year Success For All (SFA) school. SFA is a school-wide reading initiative designed to ensure success for all students in reading. The school also exposes its students to computer-based programs such as accelerated reading and math to enhance their skill development.

As a School Improvement Grant (SIG) recipient, classrooms are becoming populated with the latest technology, including interactive white boards and computers. With Noble being a data-driven school, teachers are provided with data trainings – also through the SIG grant – to ensure consistency of students’ learning success.

Science Teacher Dr. Barbara Wisniewski, also known as “Dr. Wiz,” brings to the Noble team an impressive doctorial background in education, evaluation and research. Dr. Wiz says her data-driven perspective enables her to help interpret and educate her team and more importantly her parents with the information needed to help the students succeed.

“We are firm, we are strict, but with a lot of love just like a parent. I tell my parents that I treat your child just like I treat my own,” Dr. Wiz says.

Also through the SIG grant, City Year has developed a strong presence at Noble. City Year volunteers are at the school regularly to aid the teaching staff in helping students stay on track to graduate. According to City Year, volunteers offer attendance monitoring and engagement, socio-emotional support, support in math and English, and assist with school-wide activities.

Principal Broaden credits the ongoing success of her school to her excellent staff members, who are continuously willing to tirelessly work together as a team.

“I am grateful to work with a wonderful group of people. Every day is different, every day is a challenge and the students keep you young and they keep you learning. As I teach my students, I continue to learn as well,” Dr. Wiz says.

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