School of the Week: Wayne Elementary School

Upholding a traditional PreK-5 structure while providing a world-class education

Take the commitment… The Wayne Commitment!
I respect myself and others too,
I respect the best in all I do!
I will keep my school clean and safe,
Come every day and not be late!
I am here to learn all I can, to try my best and be all I am!
~Written by Wayne Elementary Student Council

When you enter the doors at Wayne Elementary School, you enter what is known as “Rockets territory.” But what does that mean? It simply implies that you are now among a talented group of rising young academic stars. At Wayne Elementary School, Principal Pamela Askew says that she and her staff take pride in working to meet and exceed expectations when it comes to providing students with the tools they need to succeed.

When students and staff become Wayne Elementary Rockets, they shoot for the stars on a daily basis. Wayne has a population of highly qualified teachers, dedicated parents and strong community involvement which Askew believes is vital in increasing academic achievement. Wayne, which serves grades Pre-K to 5, allows students to explore expeditionary learning beginning with the school’s youngest learners.

“In order for students to learn, they need to be fully immersed in their studies,” explained Askew. “At Wayne, we believe and understand that authentic literacy is integral to both what and how we teach. We see it as the spine that holds everything together,” Askew said.

Askew, who has been principal of Wayne for four years, says that her team has a strong desire to help each student become life-long learners by instilling the joy of education through a student-centered interactive approach to learning. Askew credits her highly driven staff by explaining that her instructors, collectively, have completed over 300 hours of professional development training.

“We are a data-driven school where we are looking at the test scores and focusing on the skill,” Learning Disabilities Teacher Gloria Lee said.

Wayne is not only a data-driven school as Ms. Lee explains but also educates students through project-based learning with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

Askew prides her school for having an international connection through Wayne’s partnership with the Indian Community. This partnership consists of professional scientists and engineers that work with the students through Skype even while constructing a double ferris wheel that is operable!

“I like science because you can do different types of experiments, and you get to work together as a team,” fourth grader Anthony Coleman said.

Coleman has his future planned out. He confidently stated that he wants to finish middle school, finish high school, graduate from college and become an engineer. With Wayne’s partnership with the Indian Community and their engineers, Coleman is already on the path to accomplish his goal.

Wayne also has offerings including: accelerated reading/math, technology in every classroom, physical education, science clubs, the national elementary honor society, book clubs, recycling program, sports, music, art and partnerships with neighboring colleges, libraries and community centers.

Wayne Elementary’s community spreads far and wide, according to Principal Askew, and organizations are constantly reaching out to take part in maintaining a top-notch learning environment for the students.

Wayne has a total of 12 school partners, including the UAW-Chrysler, which is currently remodeling the school’s gymnasium and cafeteria, and Front Porch Inc., whose members visit Wayne Monday through Thursdays to mentor/tutor students.

Along with community and school partners, parental involvement plays a critical role at Wayne. Principal Askew describes her parents as the glue that holds the school together.

“If there is a parent in need or wants information, there is always someone here to assist them,” Askew said.

The Wayne Parent Center is welcoming of its parents and allows them to have a space to utilize the internet, participate in workshops and many other helpful resources.

Wayne Elementary offers its families an overall enriched, nurturing environment. The staff strives to teach students to value learning and to be successful in school, society and work by providing a challenging and nurturing learning environment.

Why should families consider enrolling their children in Wayne?

“At Wayne Elementary students enjoy learning,” Askew said. “We are rigorous, we are exciting, and we have a world-class educational opportunity for your child!”

Something you didn’t know…
The Wayne Store is part of a positive behavior incentive where students earn Wayne Bucks from their teachers or any adult at the school for exhibiting positive behavior and good work ethics. Students are able to purchase healthy snacks and school supplies with their awarded Wayne Bucks!

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