Wayne County Education Enhancement Millage

About the Wayne County Education Enhancement Millage

Detroit residents will see a question on the ballot this November asking whether voters want to increase funding for Wayne County school districts through a “regional enhancement millage.” The proposal would go on the November, 2016 presidential ballot.

What would it cost a Detroit homeowner?

The cost to the average Detroit homeowner will be less than $4 a month.

How much money would the Education Enhancement Millage raise for our schools?

Every district in Wayne County, including Detroit Public Schools Community District, would receive about $385 per student in additional resources.

What would the Wayne County Education Enhancement Millage Mean for Detroit Public Schools Community District?

  • Approximately $18 million this school year in additional resources for Detroit Public Schools Community District
  • Local control of all funds so that our schools can make decisions about our future
  • Independent annual audits of the use of millage resources to confirm that money is being spent properly

What would this proposal do for our schools?

  • Create a two-mill, six-year, countywide millage that would generate a dedicated source of funding for all school districts in Wayne County
  • Allow each district to determine how to best spend the money in their schools, including:
    • Hire qualified teachers
    • Repair and upgrade buildings
    • Provide a safe, secure learning environment
  • Allow our schools to attract and place the best teachers in front of every classroom
  • Provide an exceptional and well-rounded educational experience for every student
  • Ensure a safe, secure and conducive learning environment

Why is this proposal on the ballot?

A recent study has concluded that districts across Wayne County have been significantly underfunded by the state. Despite efforts to reduce costs, most districts continue to feel challenged in their ability to provide core educational programs that prepare students for success after graduation.

This proposal is an opportunity for Wayne County to make a renewed investment in the future of our schools.

How would the money be distributed?

Funds would be distributed on an equal, per student basis to each individual school district in Wayne County. The revenues generated by this proposal would be subject to annual, independent financial audits to provide transparency for taxpayers.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, go to: www.resa.net/millage

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