DPSCD to offer child supervision during board meetings

DPSCD will begin to offer our parents and families with supervised children activities during regular board meetings starting this month. This service, offered by the department of Family and Community Engagement (FACE), will be limited to children ages 4 – 14 and will require parents to check in with the information below.


All children must be registered by a parent or legal guardian before they can be permitted into the children activities area. Children activities are limited to school age children K-8th grade. Parent(s) and/or legal guardians must remain on the premises of the DPSCD activity being offered at all times. Services will be available 15 minutes before and after stated activities to support parent’s timely engagement.

Check In

  • Complete 1-page Registration Form
  • Sign in child(ren) on the provided document
  • Provide any key medical information related to your child(ren)’s participation
  • Secure any personal belongings beyond children apparel
  • Retrieve correlating numbered wristband

Once a child is signed in to the program, they will not be allowed to leave until signed out by the parent or legal guardian.

Check Out

  • Show the attendant your wrist bracelet
  • Allow them to retrieve your child(ren)
  • Sign your child(ren) out using the provided document
  • Turn in wrist bracelet

During dismissal, children will only be released to an adult with their matching wristband/number.  In emergency situations, the parent may give verbal authorization to FACE team members, however, verification of identity will be required.


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