Winter Enrichment Packets available to promote learning over Mid-Winter Break

Through our partnerships with the Detroit Public Library and myON, students will have the opportunity to engage in reading enrichment activities during mid-winter break. myON is sponsoring a winter reading contest for DPSCD students in grades K-8.  The top reader in each of the following categories will receive a tablet:

  • Overall time spent reading
  • Overall time spent reading without audio
  • Overall time spent read at the student’s Lexile level

To support this contest, the Detroit Public Library will allow students to access myON at all library branches.  Students will need to bring their username and password with them to the library.

The Detroit Public Library will be hosting many different programs throughout the city.

Winter Enrichment Packets are also available on the district’s website.  The Detroit Public Library will have copies of these packets available at each branch for students.

K-3 students districtwide can keep the momentum going through mid-winter break with i-Ready by accessing their personalized learning pathways at home. They just need a computer, internet access, and Adobe® Flash Player. Teachers will supply students with their clever username and password.

Thank you for supporting student learning over mid-winter break and encouraging our students to love reading!


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