The start of the “rise” – DPSCD students start a new year with new programs in place

Tuesday marked the return of students heading back to DPSCD’s 106 schools. This year had a unique feeling running through the spirits of our students and staff, with a new tagline, “Students rise. We all rise.”

DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti and Board Members began the first day of school by visiting teachers and students, reinforcing that when students rise, we all rise. Dr. Vitti and Board Members greeted teachers and staff, visited classrooms, witnessed teaching and learning, encouraged the importance of high achievement and good attendance every day.

As new art and music classrooms began, as students settled in and parents signed up for volunteering, it was clear to see everyone was excited for the new school year.

The mission is to help our students rise in every way possible, driven by the knowledge that each student in every classroom has the potential to be “the one.”

Join us in our mission to empower every student, in every community, every day, to build a stronger Detroit. Tell us how you will help a student rise this school year on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today!


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