Computer Science Curriculum and Robots Coming Soon to 3rd Grade Classrooms

Fact Sheet

CS integration into Science Curriculum

  • DPSCD will purchase WeDo robots for 3rd-grade classrooms to use in our current science curriculum (see link
  • Project-based exploratory learning will be embedded into our 3rd-5th-grade science curriculum that includes programming robots
  • Next year, funding will be used to buy robots for all 4 and 5th-grade classrooms.
  • 100% of High School offering Computer Science Courses by 2019
  • Regional partner helped DPSCD train 10 new Computer Science Principles (CSP) teachers this past summer
  • DPSCD has created, and supports, a PLC group for new CSP teachers
  • TEALS is providing volunteers and co-teachers

Increase Robotics Clubs

  • Robotics programs exist in most DPSCD schools
  • DCPS, Quicken Loans, First Robotics, and Robot Garage are offering funding assistance and mentors for our new teams
  • DPSCD Computer Science for All Goals:
  • DPSCD will integrate Computer Science into traditional Science curriculum for all K-5 classrooms — starting in 3rd grade in 2018 and scaling to all grade levels by 2021
  • DPSCD will pilot one new kindergarten class focusing on Computer Science as a science in 2018.
  • By 2021 all elementary classrooms will have embedded computer science curriculum in science.
  • Training science teachers to integrate Computer Science:
  • Begin with all the 3rd-grade teachers in 2018
  • Gather data to see if we increase Science content knowledge by using robots and CS
  • The key objective for DPSCD CSforAll is to give every student the opportunity to learn computer science every day in their classrooms

Computer Science in Michigan Facts:

  • Michigan currently has 13,930 open computing jobs (4.1 times the average demand rate in Michigan)
  • The average salary for a computing occupation in MI is $80,478, which is significantly higher than the average salary in the state ($47,350)
  • The existing open jobs alone represent a $1,121,058,540 opportunity in terms of annual salaries
  • Michigan had only 1,793 computer science graduates in 2015; only 16% were female
  • Universities in Michigan only graduated 6 new teachers prepared to teach computer science in 2016.
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