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Schulze Elementary is closed today, Sept. 5 due to partial power loss. Continue reading »

Back-to-school resource guide

We’re excited to see you on the first day of school, Tuesday, Sept. 4. To ensure families and students are prepared to start the school year, below are a few resourceful links with helpful information to have at your fingertips. Please bookmark this page for a quick reference. Let’s have a successful 18-19 school year!

Please visit Drinking Water Status

If you haven’t had a chance, take a look at the new 2018-2019 Student Code of Conduct, which was implemented based on student, teacher and parent input.

Additionally, don’t forget to have your student media release document signed and turned in the first week of classes:

For a full list of DPSCD schools, and helpful articles to learn more about programs being implemented this school year, read the DPSCD 2018-2019 School Directory.

Lastly, we recommend printing the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar, so you and your student(s) can stay current with parent-teacher conferences, holiday breaks and more. You can view and print the Academic Calendar in English or Spanish.

Click here to download Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). For more information or questions regarding enrollment, call (313) 240-4377.

DPSCD Shows Improvement in Most Accountability Areas

DETROIT – August 29, 2018 – Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) reported today that 60 percent of accountability areas associated with literacy and mathematics tested through the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) and the SAT showed improvement as compared to last year.  This is a baseline year for DPSCD as schools from the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA), the majority of which are considered lower performing, returned to the district July 2017. This year’s district performance combines last year’s EAA and DPSCD performance for the first time. Despite the overall improvement in most areas, the results reinforce the need for the newly adopted K-8 Literacy and Mathematics Curriculum, training on the new standards, stronger progress monitoring tools to properly intervene when students are falling behind, and enhanced family support initiatives such as the Parent Academy and teacher home visits.

“This year’s performance is not surprising. It is positive to see slight improvement in various areas due to a greater focus on general school improvement strategies, such as increased monitoring and student data analysis, but our teachers and principals were not equipped with the right training and tools to maximize student performance yet. The investments we have made to improve teaching and learning will be felt in the classroom during the 2018-2019 school year,” said Nikolai Vitti, DPSCD Superintendent. “This summer, more than a thousand teachers, along with all of our principals, participated in multiday academies on our new curriculum and culture survey data to improve the instructional culture of our schools. Everyone needs time to now implement our new and aligned resources to demonstrate to the world what our students can achieve when supported. It was promising to see that most grade level cohorts ended last year with higher levels of proficiency than in the 2017 school year, and that a higher percentage of our early readers are making progress. We will build on this in future years.”

The assessments, administered every spring to Michigan students in grades 3 through 8 and to high school students in grade 11, provides a common measure of literacy, math and social studies achievement across the state. The results allow students, families and educators to understand progress toward grade level expectations and make meaningful plans for improvement. A summary of results, include:

  • 3 of 6 (50 percent) of grade levels improved in literacy
  • 4 of 6 (67 percent) of grade levels improved in math
  • 2 of 3 (67 percent) grade levels improved in social studies
  • 1 of 2 (50 percent) of SAT areas improved
  • Overall, 10 of 17 (60 percent) accountability areas improved
  • 5 percent of DPSCD students in grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) were proficient, up 0.1 percentage point from 2017; 6.7 percent of DPSCD students in grades 3-8 Math were proficient, down 0.3 percentage points from 2017
  • Approximately half of schools (50.7 percent) increased their percentage of students proficient in ELA over 2017 results; 48 percent of increased their percentage of students proficient in math over 2017 results
  • 1 percent of fifth and eighth-grade students were proficient in Social Studies, up 1.3 percentage points from 2017
  • A greater percentage of English Language Learners earned a proficient score in ELA and Social Studies than in 2017 (13 percent proficient in ELA, up 0.8 percentage points, and 7.6 percent in Social studies, up 1.0 percentage point); results were flat for English Language Learners in Mathematics (9 percent proficient)
  • A greater percentage of third-graders were proficient in ELA than in 2017 (11.3, up 1.8 percentage points); a smaller percentage of third-graders were proficient in mathematics compared to 2017 (10.7 percent, down 1.5 percentage points)
  • Last year’s fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth grade cohorts had a higher percentage of students proficient in ELA this year than they did in the 2017 administration; in mathematics, last year’s sixth, seventh, and eight grade cohorts had a higher percentage of students proficient, but the fourth and fifth grade cohorts dipped relative to 2017 results


Percent Proficient in ELA: Result by Cohort 2017 2018 Change
Class of 2023 (8th Graders in 2018) 11.5 12.9 1.4
Class of 2024 (7th Graders in 2018) 9 11.7 2.7
Class of 2025 (6th Graders in 2018) 13.7 9.9 -3.8
Class of 2026 (5th Graders in 2018) 10.1 12.5 2.4
Class of 2027 (4th Graders in 2018) 9.5 11.1 1.6


Percent Proficient in Math: Result by Cohort 2017 2018 Change
Class of 2023 (8th Graders in 2018) 5.7 7.2 1.5
Class of 2024 (7th Graders in 2018) 4.6 5.6 1
Class of 2025 (6th Graders in 2018) 4 5.3 1.3
Class of 2026 (5th Graders in 2018) 8.2 3.8 -4.4
Class of 2027 (4th Graders in 2018) 12.2 7.4 -4.8


  • 4 percent of high school juniors met the SAT college readiness benchmark in mathematics, up 0.5 percentage points over 2017
  • 4 percent of high school juniors met the SAT college readiness benchmark in evidence-based reading and writing, down 1.4 percentage points over 2017

“Just as our NAEP results showed us this spring, this year’s M-STEP and SAT data further reinforces the need to do things differently, which is why it is promising to see the administration implement initiatives through our collective Strategic Plan and approved Board budget, to address these gaps, like our new curriculum, arts and music, the creation of the Master Teacher initiative and even a code of conduct that will keep students in school to learn,” said Board President, Dr. Iris Taylor.

The Michigan Department of Education provides paper-based parent reports for all students who take the M-STEP Assessment.  DPSCD families should expect these reports to be sent home with students during the month of September and are welcomed to schedule time to talk with their student’s teacher about what the results mean and how to support their child’s learning at home.

Board Community Meeting for Wednesday, August 29 will be rescheduled

The Board Community Meeting for Wednesday, August 29 will be rescheduled.

2018-2019 DPSCD Student Code of Conduct

2018-2019 Code of Conduct

All K-8 students to receive art and music classes

Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), announces its partnership with 14 organizations to begin phase 1 of its Cultural Passport initiative, providing children the experience of arts and music curriculum. The experiences will increase each individual students’ self-expression, visual thinking, observational, problem solving and analytical skills.

On August 16, Deputy Superintendent of Schools Iranetta Wright and Deputy Superintendent Alycia Meriweather met with several music and art organizations at the Detroit School of Arts to discuss the initiative and how the partners can work with DPSCD to create art and music programs in every DPSCD school.

The event featured student performances, including student vocalist Alaska Wilson performing the famous opera song “per la gloria d’adorarvi.”

In February 2018, students in grades 3, 4 and 5 started stamping their “passports” at cultural landmarks throughout metro Detroit through the District’s pilot series, which featured a few of the first cohort of organizations to help DPSCD launch the initiative – The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Symphony Orchestra and The Michigan Opera Theatre. After reaching more than 1,500 students during the pilot, the District is forging ahead to achieve its mission of restoring equity and access to art and music programs within DPSCD.

Now, with phase 1 kickittng-off this school year, K-8 teachers can look forward to planning up to three field trips this year at the following institutions:

  • Detroit Historical Society Dossin Great Lakes Museum
  • Detroit Opera House
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • The Detroit Zoo
  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • The Henry Ford
  • Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit
  • Music Hall for Performing Arts
  • Troy Historical Society
  • Wild Swan Theatre
  • Charles H. Wright Museum
  • Cranbrook Art Museum
  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
  • Ford Piquette Plant
  • Michigan Science Center

District Academic and Assessment Calendars

The Board approved the 18-19 Academic and Assessment calendars during their regularly scheduled board meetings. Please see official versions below.

18.19 Calendar Family-Friendly ENGLISH

18.19 Calendar Family-Friendly SPANISH

18.19 Academic Calendar

18.19_Assessment Calendar

All A-Board Meeting Hosted by Board Member Misha Stallworth on Aug 20

In an effort to better inform our community about what a school board does and the rules it must follow for public meetings, Board Member Misha Stallworth is hosting a series of All A Board meetings throughout Detroit about school board protocols and procedures. By attending an upcoming All A Board meeting, participants will learn about:

  • The importance of a locally elected board
  • Board meeting norms, rules and operations
  • The impact of public comments
  • Engagement and collaboration with the Board

Upcoming Meeting

  • Monday, August 20 @ 5:30 p.m.
    Renaissance High School • 6565 W. Outer Drive.

2018 All A Board Meeting Schedule

  • Monday, December 3 @ 5:30 p.m.
    Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School • 7635 Chatham

For questions or to request special arrangements, please contact the Board Secretary: Karen Morgan (313) 873-7860 or

Download event flyer: DPSCD_ALLABOARD_MEETING_APRIL172018

DPSCD Non-Instructional Hiring Fair: Tuesday, August 21

Detroit Public Schools Community District will host a non-instructional hiring fair on Tuesday, August 21 from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. at Mumford High School.

Apply today at:

Great non-instructional opportunities below:

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  

  • Academic Interventionists
  • Attendance Agents
  • Dean of Culture
  • Graduation Coaches
  • School Culture Facilitators

2 p.m. – 7 p.m.

  • Clerical Positions
  • Para-Educators
  • Security Guards
  • Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Aides
  • Substitute and Lead Custodians
  • Food Service Assistants, Specialists and Attendants
  • Noon-Hour Aides
  • School Bus Attendants

In addition to the non-instructional hiring fairs, DPSCD will host the following Teacher Fairs for educators in all subject areas with current teacher certifications:

  • Thursday, August 16 at 1 – 5 p.m. at Ben Carson High School
  • Thursday, August 30 at 1 – 5 p.m. at Ben Carson High School
  • Tuesday, September 11 at  5 -7 p.m. at Randolph Career Technical Center

Next Community Board Meeting: August 29

Save the date for the next community board meeting on Wednesday, August 29 from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Brenda Scott Academy (18440 Hoover St, Detroit, MI 48205).

Community board meetings are important opportunities for members of the community to gather and discuss questions, concerns and opportunities to to help our children and families thrive.

For questions or to request special arrangements, please contact:
Karen Morgan, DPSCD School Board Secretary,, or call (313) 873-7860.