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School of the Week: Harms Elementary

…Lying on tummies, sharing big picture books in small groups on a colorful rug in the kindergarten classroom. …Whispering quietly, hovering over an assigned book with a tutor at a table in the hallway on the second floor. …Sitting with a friend, sharing a chapter book under the blue sky during recess. Everywhere you turn at Harms Elementary, children are reading, reading, reading. “Reading is the gateway to all other academic subjects,” said Mauro Cruz, principal of the Southwest Detroit School, which is recognized by Excellent Schools Detroit as one of the top elementary schools in the City. Indeed, Harms students are on a path to read 30,000 books, collectively, by year’s end – once again – for the school’s

School of the Week: Cooke Elementary School

Approximately 404 geniuses walk the halls of Cooke Elementary School daily. If anyone disagrees, they’ll have to take it up with Principal Philip Van Hooks, who not only refers to each of his students as prodigies, but also said it is his “personal responsibility to harness their genius and put them on a positive path not only for their personal benefit, but for the benefit of our city.” Housed in a beautiful brick structure that dates back to the 1920s, Cooke Elementary School is located in the prominent North Rosedale Park community and attracts students from outside of the school’s boundaries. Cooke’s rigorous academic curriculum encompasses differentiated instruction at all grade levels, research projects for even the school’s earliest learners,

School of the Week: Bow Elementary-Middle School

Dedicated staff, endless parent involvement and a multitude of unique programs It’s not often that students receive their first science lesson immediately when arriving to school, but at Warren E. Bow Elementary-Middle School, the young learners are greeted daily by their indoor Koi Pond. Filled with eye catching orange and white fish, attractive plant life and assorted rocks, the pond can often become a quick mini-science lesson any day of the week! The Koi Pond is just one of the various learning methods teachers utilize on a day-to-day basis at Bow. Teacher Laura Franklin is known for keeping students on their toes when it comes to subjects such as science. Eighth-grader Delvin Braizer says Franklin creates “science raps” to fun

School of the Week: Dixon Educational Learning Academy

More than 100 girls, family members and staff from Dixon Educational Learning Academy are set to enjoy a fun-filled overnight stay in Dundee, Michigan at a splash park and hotel, with proceeds fully covered by donations from partners like Temple Beth El in Bloomfield Hills, the Department of Human Services, Dixon staff and others. The “Girls Lock-In for Dixon” event, which typically happens at the school in the gymnasium and has included games, workshops, movies, mini-manicures, crafts and so much more, is not new and is not an anomaly for this school community which considers itself a family. Indeed, long before DPS launched a program where 21 schools will serve as Community Schools, open longer days and offering services for

School of the Week: Renaissance High School

A ‘Renaissance State of Mind’ Confidence. Balance. Intellectual superiority. Exposure. And above all others: Prepared. According to three talented students who attend Renaissance High School on the city’s west side, if the ‘Renaissance State of Mind’ had to be summed up in five phrases, these may suffice. Notably ranked as the No. 1 high school academically within Detroit Public Schools; the No. 1 high school in the City of Detroit, according to U.S. News and World Report; and the No. 35 ranked high school overall in the state — Renaissance is “a pretty big deal.” “When you come to Renaissance High School, you will be prepared for college,” said Treasure Roberts, a senior who has secured more than $60,000 in

School of the Week: Catherine C. Blackwell Institute of International Studies, Commerce and Technology

Continuing the family-link generated by African-centered, 21st century learning At Catherine C. Blackwell Institute, students are taught beginning with the earliest grade levels that your character changes the world. A 20-year Detroit Public Schools educator, Blackwell Principal Patricia Hines focuses her curriculum on three basic concepts: culture, 21st century learning, and being able to express oneself artistically. Hines is determined to help her students become dynamic contributors in the multicultural environment in which they live. One of DPS’ premier African-centered schools, Blackwell was named in honor of the late Catherine C. Blackwell. Mrs. Blackwell’s deep passion and long-time advocacy for the African culture carried over to her teachings, resulting in the school keeping her tradition alive by continuing to infuse

School of the Week: Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School

It takes a team, and there are many, to support the educational mission at Greenfield Union Teamwork. Community. Family. They come in many forms. At Greenfield Union Elementary-Middle School, there’s the teachers and staff who continually go the extra mile, such as the middle school teachers (known as the ‘Mighty Middles’) who came in during a recent break week to paint every locker in the historic wing of classrooms, changing them from a peeling orange to calming blue-matching the blue paint they applied to every classroom door, along with new red “I’m In” ribbons. There’s the leadership team comprised of Principal Beverly Campbell, Academic Engagement Administrator Geraldine Chestnut, Science Instructional Specialist Rudaina Kainaya and Special Education Lead Teacher Anna Knott,

School of the Week: Burton International Academy

Infusing multiculturalism into young minds to educate the next generation of global achievers One of Burton International Academy Principal John Wilson’s favorite quotes is: “It takes teamwork to make the dream work!” With a mixture of top-notch teachers and a variety of ethnic and multicultural offerings, Burton International Academy prides itself on encouraging and preparing all students from diverse backgrounds to compete in a global society. Nestled between historic Corktown and the bustling Midtown cultural district, Burton is an application school serving Pre-K to grade 8. To support the rich ethnic, racial and cultural heritage of his students, Principal Wilson and his staff tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of all students through offerings such as the popular Social

School of the Week: Communication and Media Arts High School

Derrious Hunter, a 12th grade student at Communication and Media Arts High School, may one day grace the airwaves of your local radio station. The seemingly shy 17-year-old gets a boost of confidence each time he places those distinct black headphones over his ears and turns on the radio equipment inside of CMA’s broadcast studio. Then again, Hunter may become a veterinarian. It’s a career field that’s always piqued his interest. “I still have a little time to figure it out,” he said. “But whichever one I choose, I know I’ll be good at it.” This is the advantage that CMA students have over others in the area: options. Exposing her roughly 600 students to college preparatory and career track

School of the Week: Coleman A. Young Elementary School

“I want to be a scientist!” – Brett Brown, 5th grade student “I want to go to Harvard!” – Isabella Gibson, 4th grade student “I want to go to Howard University and study English so that I can write poems!” – Chinyere Amaisat, 5th grade student Principal Melissa Scott believes the young scholars at Coleman A. Young Elementary School are incredibly moldable, and by starting them off right, they will be prepared for middle school, high school and beyond. Coleman A. Young holds the namesake of the first African-American mayor of Detroit, who went on to serve an unprecedented five terms. Young’s thirst for knowledge, coupled with exemplary academic accomplishments, is an inspiration to the students at CAY. Remaining true