Building Concerns (Facilities)

I am concerned about building conditions. Who should I contact?

Contact Felicia Venable, Senior Executive Director for the Office of Operations – at
(313) 873-6532 or email at

How do I report a pest sighting?

The District uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pests in schools. This means that schools are to log their concerns or sightings of pests in the IPM logbook maintained in the main office. The licensed and contracted pest control contractor inspects schools once and some time twice per month and addresses those concerns. The application of a pest control chemical is the last option for addressing pests in schools. Instead, the contributing factors are to be addressed as a first option for ridding a building of pests.

I have concerns about the condition of the student parking lot. Who should I

The District has a Department of Grounds and Maintenance to address concerns regarding parking lots. You can contact Mr. George Vary, Director of Grounds and
Maintenance via email at

I want to perform repairs at the school. Who do I contact?

The District welcomes volunteers. Anyone interested in volunteering should complete a volunteer application and follow the guidelines for the application process. Depending on the project, volunteers can coordinate a project by contacting the school administrators. If the work involves renovation, construction, or painting, prior approval must be granted by DPSCD Operations. Please contact Felicia Venable, Senior Executive Director for the Office of Operations at (313)873-6532.

How often are safety drills to be performed in my child’s school?

Schools are required to conduct five fire drills, two take care (tornado) drills and three lockdown drills annually. A schedule of these drills is due to the Wayne County Office of Homeland Security on or before September 15th each year. The schedule for these drills is also available of the homepage of your child’s school at